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We at URBANAUTS are passionate hosts, but we are also passionate travelers, always looking for that special something; – travelers who are always looking for the next magical hotel experience.

Here we collect and share a few of the wonderful places we have come across over the years and keep visiting.

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2012 URBANAUTS created their first innovative hotel product, the graetzlhotel, in the Belvedere district of Vienna, Austria, after successfully developing a unique hotel concept for urban environments.

The graetzlhotel is Vienna’s first decentralized hotel with single suites in distinct neighborhoods (“graetzls”) of the city and can be found in three Viennese neighborhoods in 2020.

2018 was marked by the introduction of another successful hotel product, namely the opening of the etagerie in Linz, where URBANAUTS offers stylish long-stay apartments with local flair.

Today URBANAUTS Hospitality is steadily expanding the graetzlhotel while developing innovative hotel products with multiple partners and is available as a partner for cooperations under the brand hideauts, while always searching for new ways to think and live hotels and travel.

Learn more at www.urbanauts.at